The United Nations Development Programme and the Digital Society School (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) are inviting you to join the 3rd edition of the #GlobalGoalsJam on 21/22/23 September! (for more info see

Join us to design interventions for the Sustainable Development Goals that matter most to you!
Let's #Design2030Now!
Hi there! What is your name? *

What organization do you work with? *

And what city are you located? *

Thanks! Now, did you participate in the Global Goals Jam before?

For this year's jam we are focusing on digital technology for social good. For this, we are setting up a tech support team that can support the locations remotely during the Jam for any questions.

Is there anyone within your organisation that has specific expertise on digital technology and if so, would they be willing to support during the days of the Jam?

If so, could you state the expertise you are providing? Eg. knowledge on web or app development, technology such as VR, or specific tech knowledge on arduino and other tinker tools.
We are also looking to scale the Jam and create a bigger local community. Therefore we are looking to set-up regional organisers that are responsible for communication and community building within their geographical region.

Would you be up for helping us out and start a local movement? *

If yes, we will contact you with more info and specific responsibilities

What is the postal address we can send the physical toolkits to? *

Name, full address, country
Of course we want to share your progress and results. What is the main social media channel you will be using, and what is your handle?

eg. @globalgoalsjam, @GGJAmsterdam
We would like to feature all organizers on our website. Could you upload your logo (with transparent background) here?

Is there anything else you want to let us know?

Thanks so much! We are looking forward to #design2030, together!

One last thing: we use Slack as a main communication tool for our community. Here you can engage with your fellow organisers and changemakers - we are counting on you to keep it alive and let it grow!
Great, sign me up!
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